East Greenland photo tour by boat

East Greenland photo tour is focused on photographing icebergs, wilflife and arctic scenery.

Term: 10 – 19 September 2014 (10 days) Available

Transport: plane, by boat, on foot
Starting point: Reykjavik, Iceland
Boarding: full board
Lodging: hotel in Reykjavik, boat in Greenland
Difficulty: You are supposed to get yourself and your baggage from the boat. Often we walk on stones and rocks.
Places: Town Ittoqqotoormiit, fjord of Scoresby Sound, Granite Cliffs, Red Island, Harefjord, Øfjord, Bear Island
Activities: sailing in fjords, wildlife, aurora borealis, walking
Photographic themes: arctic scenery, seascape, mountains, fjords, floating icebergs, animals, aurora borealis

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July 4th – 12th, 2013

Itinerary for Greenland photo tour

Day 1:

Arrival Keflavik airport Iceland Transfer to a hotel in Reykjavik about 45 min from the airport. Participants will arrive this day and have individual leisure to regenerate after flight and can walk around in capital. Participants will meet in the evening with Tim Vollmer at the hotel about 5 pm. Overnight in hotel in Reykjavik (D)

Day 2:

Flight to Ittoqqotoormiit, East Greenland

Depart Reykjavík for a flight to Akureyri, North Iceland and then a plane to Constable Point Greenland, a small airfield on the west side of Hurry Inlet in Jameson Land. Embark and get an introduction and a safety briefing by the crew and then sail towards the village of Ittoqqortoormiit where the evening is spent with locals in perhaps the most isolated village of the world.

Ittoqqortoormiit was founded in the 1925s by people from Ammassalik. It is the most northerly settlement on the east coast of Greenland. The 450 inhabitants make their living mostly by subsistence hunting of seals, Narwhale, Muskoxen and Polar Bear. The quaint little houses dot the rocky slopes of south Liverpool Land with magnificent views of Kap Brewster and the Volquart Boons Coast to the south.

Day 3:

The mighty fjord of Scoresby Sound

Sail west between whole palaces of icebergs that gently drift under the influence of the currents in the Arctic waters in the mighty fjord of Scoresby Sound, after calving from the parent glaciers originating in the Inland Ice.

Anchor at Hekla Havn, on Denmark Ø, the site of an old Inuit settlement and wintering camp of the first scientific expedition to Scoresby Sound over a hundred years ago. There after a short evening walk to explore Hekla Havn, and the surrounding area.

Day 4:

Granite Cliffs – Red Island – Icebergs

Sail west through the narrow Føhnfjord with the majestic basalt mountains of Gåseland on the port side and 2000 metres high sheer granite cliffs of Milne Land on the Starboard side.

After being up close to the peculiar looking Red Island and even landfall at the red sandstone shore the tour continues to the north through Rødefjord which is often filled with both larger icebergs and ice crust from icebergs that are breaking up. We will arrive in Harefjord in the late afternoon where anchors are set for two nights.

Day 5:

Harefjord‘s wild life

The whole day is spent ashore in Harefjord scouting for muskoxen, snow hares, grouse, geese and other wildlife, which normally graze on the south facing slopes. Between 6 and 7 hours of easy to moderate hiking with a lunch break at the top of a ridge with a breath taking view over Harefjord where the glacier tongues descend into the sea.

Those who prefer less exercise can stroll at the coast or stay on board enjoying the view. In the evening the crew will make a bonfire and prepare BBQ at the rocky beach.

Day 6:

The spectacular Øfjord

The sailing continues eastwards through the awesome Øfjord. This is one of the most spectacular parts of the trip. Terrific mountain peaks and granite walls tower 200 meters up from the sea just like if the Cerro Torre (one of the majestic mountains of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field in South America) and Fitzroy river (in Queensland, Australia) has been moved to the Arctic: A true feast for the eyes.

Usually the sea breeze in the Øfjord during the middle of the day allows sails to be set. Close look at some of the most amazing cliffs and a glacier front. This day ends by setting anchors in Jyttes Havn Bjørneøe in the late afternoon.

Day 7:

A picturesque hike in Bear Island

The day is spent hiking in and around Jytteshavn in Bear Islands as this is possibly one of the nicest and most picturesque anchorages in Scoresby Sound. There are two options of a longer or shorter hike in the Bear Islands, or on the northernmost tip of Milneland, a short zodiac ride away. Jytteshavn is the place to try your skills at sea swimming at 71°N and temperatures can be as surprising as 13°C in the summertime. In the evening we offer a nice meal on board and then a cosy bonfire on the beach with story telling or singing.

Day 8:

Local hunters and muskoxes

Sailing north along the Bear Islands towards the mouth of the Northwest fjord for a brief stop at Sydkap where we visit local hunter huts and look for muskoxes and other wildlife before heading east around Jameson land towards Hurry Inlet.

As we sail into the last evening and night of the trip it is likely that we’ll be experiencing the largest icebergs on our journey and when we wake up next morning we are anchored at the airstrip in Constable Point.

Day 9:

Return to Iceland

The last morning we will enjoy a good breakfast together, write in the diary on board and share contact information with each other. Then we will disembark the schooner Hildur for the last time and board the aircraft in Constable Point and fly back to Reykjavík Iceland. Dinner and overnight in Reykjavík

Day 10:

Transfer from Reykjavík to Keflavík airport for departure from Iceland.

Tour date

September 10 – 19, 2014

Tour price

Price per person USD 7.295,- / EUR 5.630,- Single supplement in Reykjavík USD 135,- / EUR 105,-

Price includes:

  • 2 nights including breakfast in rooms with private facilities in a hotel in Reykjavík
  • 7 nights in made up bunks/beds with shared facilities on board the schooner
  • 2 dinners in Reykjavík , one dinner in Ittoqqortoormiit and full board including soft drinks during the stay on board the schooner
  • English speaking guide (an expert in sailing and the wildlife of Greeland) and a photo guidance through Tim Vollmer
  • Domestic flight to Akureyri, including airport taxes
  • Return International flight to Constable Point in East Greenland
  • Airport transfers in Iceland and Greenland
  • Services of the crew on board the schooner
  • Hiking excursions as per itinerary
Photography instructors which will accompany you on this tour

Tim Vollmer

He was born in Southwest Germany and have traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States. He has been interested in, and learning, photography for over 20 years. He has been living in Iceland for the last 6 years and specializing in all aspects of photography in Iceland, including landscapes, architecture, portraits, nature (particularly birds), and travel.

Languages: German, English, Icelandic

Tim´s website: www.timvollmer.de

Testimonials by participants from our tour in September 2012

Hi Marketa and Tim, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for organizing such a marvelous and memorable trip, I was so glad I could come.


I was very happy to meet you and spend this travel with this group. Greenland was really magical and even more beautiful than I imagined. Amazing landscapes, fjords, glaciers, towns, colors, lights.. I think we were lucky to make this trip. I dream to go back again… Thank you again Tim, Marketa & Iurie for the organization.


I look forward to sharing and seeing everyone’s photos soon. Felt strange to be back in ABC after such an awesome and memorable venture. (never will forgot those toilet buckets either :-)


Photographs from our Greenland Photo tours on boat 2011 and 2012.

Video of Photo tour on Schooner Hildur

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