Landscape photography

Marketa Kalvachova Vollmerova is a Czech photographer focusing with her lens on landscape photography. She has lived in Iceland for eight years where she was surrounded by some of the most photogenic landscape on earth. The spectacular scenery, combined with optimal lighting conditions make Iceland a photographer’s paradise. Her portfolio is composed mostly of Icelandic nature and landscape photography. Marketa enjoys capturing landscape and variety of nature themes – details of earth, geothermal features, water, ice formations, high tide and the northern lights. You can view her photos in the Photography portfolio and you can also read her photo blog with short photo stories.


Large range of landscape and nature photographs in the portfolio from different European countries, especially Iceland. These photographs were and can be used in travel magazines, books, souvenirs or any kind of promotional material.

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Tailor made photo service for local business specializing in leisure and tourism for marketing purposes, such as tour operators, horse back riding, hiking, adventure sports, hotels, guesthouses.

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Photo tours

Photo tours for small groups allows to optimize the program according to weather and light conditions. Itinerary is design to give everyone time for individual exploration according to his interest.

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