Bhutan photography

Little Kingdom in the Himalayas favours balance between nature and man. Deep valleys, majestic mountains, medieval monasteries and very happy people create attractive backdrop for travellers. People adhere the traditional values and protect their nature and culture from negative impact of tourism.

Bhutan is geographically surrounded by two giant countries – China and India. Bhutan shares its borders with China on the North and with India on the South, East and West. It is admirable that this little nation in the Eastern Himalayas could retain its national identity and culture. Historically, Bhutan Kingdom maintains a better relationship with India rather then with China.

Bhutan´s rulers get inspired from the other countries only the good way that has a positive impact on its population and nature. Native people radiate peace and serenity, respect traditional values based on Buddhism. Nature and cities in Bhutan are very clean and everybody cares to keep it that way. Noteworthy fact is that in the Constitution there is even embedded how large territory must stay forested.

The climate ranges from sub-tropical in the south, through mild in the centre to sub-Alpine regions in the north. Rice, potatoes, vegetables, fruits are grown. Everything is harvested twice a year due to the favourable climate.